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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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not only an attack reminds highly likely, but a further attack may be imminent. >> whole country on edge. british authorities on the hunt for ac police cents in the monday deadly bombing in manchester. plus what we're learning about the innocent lives lost, plus three arrests have just been made. >> i'm little upset, ya, but, you know, time will heal all wounds. >> finally free. philadelphia man waking up out of jail for the first time. after serving 24 years for a crime he did not commit. why he says he's not holding a grudge over his lost time. >> i bet he's sleeping in right now. and hollywood mourning the loss of sir ranger moore.
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of course we told but that yesterday on the show. but, of course, he played james bond in seven film. did you know the roots of that iconic film character bond, james bond, can be traced back to philadelphia? and what is the connection to bird watching? >> really? >> yes. >> it seem like everything comes back to philadelphia. >> it really does. well, it is where the whole country started. >> this is true. >> why wouldn't it come back to roost? hey good day everybody, it is wednesday, may the 24th, 2017. >> over did you see what the nfl did yesterday afternoon? they'll going to allow touchdown celebrations again, i've been waiting for this. maybe i could be a cult of one, maybe you don't like it, maybe you think it is immature, not good for the kids. >> certainly adds to the entertainment value. >> so remember icky shovel, played for the cincinnati bengals, there it is. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, still going. i love it. >> so that kind of -- what do you think about that?
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>> and still some restrictions, won't be able to do anything offense, or anything sexual, that casino every thing. >> oh, shoot. >> but they will be -- are you all right? >> oh, these chairs stink, what do they call these prongs or something, go out the bottom, and the wheels, yes. >> balls. >> yes, i call them the balls, but ya. so our balls always are hitting and then it is hard to move around, because we have to make sure that they kind of go -- they fit in with each other. >> breathe, just breathe, mike. >> all i know i hate when that happens. here's sue. >> serenity now. >> well let's check our number of the day. we go back to seven today. because the rain that we're experiencing right now is not going to last all day. but for right now, if you are walking out the door there is minute, you still need your rain gear. and here is why. there are still scattered showers throughout the entire region, and they'll be here for the next couple of hours at the moment, then, well it, won't say it will clear up, but it will probably be dry mostly for the rest of the
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day. 58 degrees, is our current temperature. we have 50's in just about everywhere else, strait berg, 55 degrees, down in middletown, delaware, 59. voorhees, new jersey, 56. and in mt. holly, it is also 56 degrees. we are looking at yesterday's high, which was 68 degrees. it was cool tuesday, we will be little warmer, but still below average, for today. with a high temperature of about 72 degrees, clouds will linger, after the rain ends, and a little bit of afternoon sunshine. that's your forecast for today. holiday weekend's getting closer. we will check it out coming up, bob kelly? >> you got it, sue. 03:00, good morning, everybody, live look at the schuylkill expressway, little wet behind the ears there. so make sure you got your wipers ready to go. again, we got the showers moving through this morning. here is a live look at the freeway, you work your way in toward philadelphia. again, hittin hit and miss depeg upon where you begin and end your trip. heavy showers coming through chester county. upper darby, disable tractor-trailer state road right at the west chester
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pike. working all day today, along 495, for the gang coming up through wilmington, northbound lanes, down to two, right at route 13, that caused big delays yesterday. the paving project, again, along 202, both directions, in the area of route one, and then as far as mass transit goes, amtrak's rail project continues, so expect 20 minute delays today along the wilmington line. mike and alex back over to you. >> this just happened in the uk. police in manchester say they've now arrested three more men in connection with tat suicide bombing on monday at the ariana grande concert. killed 22 people. britain, the whole country, remains on hi, high alert, the terror threat level is at critical, uk officials say another attack could be i am nent, effect felt around the germany flags ordered to fly at half staff. in france, state of emergency is extended until november.
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>> until november. >> so lauren, you have the latest detail, showing some pictures now, learning more also about the victims. >> that's right, alex. thousands every soldiers expected to be on duty in the streets every brit tune free up police resources to now fight the threat of further extremist action. the move coming after the deadliest attack in britain in more than a decade, 22 lost their lives at the hands of a suicide bomber. so let's take a look at the faces of the victims, polish couple trying to pick up their daughters from the show among the dead. kelly bruiser, had he over i can aunt, who shielded her knees from the blast also died. then, there is the youngest victim, eight year old saffie russo's many called beautiful girl. super fan, featured with ariana grande, in a photo dated two years ago, 15 year old olivia campbell confirmed her death on facebook, 26 year old john at inch con, only male victim, trying to leave the concert when killed. that's when the horror started on monday night just moments
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after ariana grande finish her final song, blew a kiss to the audience, and walk off stage, as fans started pouring out of the manchester arena. that's when authorities say 22 year old salman abedi set off his suicide bomb near a spot that linked the arena to the city railway station. witness describe seeing flashes of light and metal flying in that blast. >> i saw like a flash, like an explosion flash. and then at that part everyone was running back up the stairs again, panicking, screaming, shouting, crying. >> i was just really nervous about what would happen. and as soon as i heard the, well, bang, i just decided to run. >> it is an absolutely barbarick attack that's taken place, to cut off young lives in this way. and it is absolutely devastating, and our thoughts and prayers must be with their families and friends. >> yesterday police carried
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out controlled explosions at the doorstep of the suspect's home during raids all around the city. forensic investigators took evidence from the location, they also raided a home where the suspect's brother lived. there are report the suicide bomber was known up to a certain point to intelligence services, but they provided no more specifics on that. there is no confirmation at this time, mike and alex, if he was, in fact, on a terror watch list. >> yes, spent some time in lib y seems to be an al quaida sympethizer, too, as well as isis claiming responsibility. >> thank you, lauren, for keeping us updated and we will continue with the updates. hearing about the victims, how young they are. >> so young. 6:07. >> the fate after father on trial for his son's murder, lies in the hands after jury in camden count. >> i here we go. how long will this take? the defense for david creato argues there is reasonable doubt in this case while prosecutors say all of the evidence points to him, steve outside te courthouse, steve? >> reporter: we know a answer partly to your question, mike.
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it will take longer than 20 minutes, because that's how long or how short the jury deliberated for yesterday before going home. the jury now, nine women, three men, after the alternates were separated, from the 12 people. and so they've all had full night to sleep on all of the evidence, and all of the closing arguments made by the two lawyers yesterday. the question now is: did creato's lawyer, and nearly two hour closing, raise enough reasonable doubt, do any of these jurors think it is at all possible that either this three year old son, wandered out in the dark, on his own, and walk a half mile on his own down to very dark cooper river where he was found, or did someone else take him and kill him and lever him there? if they don't believe any of that, then this guy's going to be found guilty, and that's what the prosecution told these jurors, that they have no other real choice to do. and she said there is no reasonable doubt here. alex, mike? >> all right, we will find out, 6:00 old. >> jury selection will also continue in pittsburgh today, for the bill cosby sexual
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assault trial. after two days, 11 jurors are now seated, but cosby's defense team is not happy. so far seven men, one woman, accusing prosecutors of trying to keep blacks off of the jury 12 jurors, and six alternates, will be selected before the trial. opening statements will begin june 5th, in montgomery county. >> new video that police want you to see here, here we go, they say it could help track down the people behind the shooting of a two year old. >> gosh. >> wow. >> and the eagles, they're back in town. well, most of them. not everyone showed up. the big names that weren't therefore the voluntary, not so voluntary workouts. >> i saw jordan matthews is quoting kellyanne conway of
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the trump administration. >> what? >> that's weird.
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>> a little boy, shot four times. i want to meet this kid. now rewards is being offered after a brutal shooting in kensington, that you know about by now. toddler, shot, four times. >> philadelphia's f.o.p. offering $5,000 for any information leading to arrest.
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police also just released new surveillance video showing the suspect. there they go, right there. now the two year old, his name is price, and his father, they were sitting on the front porch, 3300 block of malta friday night, when the two gunmen road up, and said, this is our block. and opened fire. the toddler, like mike said, shot four times in the back. >> in the back. >> and his dad also wounded. >> he is tiny, main thing, i was like oh, my god there is baby so tiny, how can he be shot four times and still be okay? >> he lovers life. >> it is just amazing that he's going to be okay, just shows that he was meant to be here. >> how little his back is, and he had four bullet in it. >> now out of the hospital but yesterday they moved out of their bullet riddled home. wouldn't you? his mom is just too afraid to be in the area and go back to the same home
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where on the porch they were sitting and where that happened up. >> this is our block. our bikes. >> 6:13 now. >> cleaning up. >> we're going to take a look at some of the hardest hit areas. my girlfriend loves artists. to be unique... and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists! get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses.
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>> extreme weather affecting many parts of the us. in sampson county north carolina tornado yesterday knocked out power and damaged homes. and in port wentworth, george, a flashflooding shutdown roadways, tracked at least one driver. in california, massive landslide, wiped out coastal highway. look at that, completely blocked. quarter mile the state's highway one, in the big sur is shutdown. >> oh, look at that. >> just south of san francisco, i mean, so many people love to do this, especially this time of year. you drive highway one, from san francisco, all the way down to los angeles. >> i've heard that's like a bucket list thing? >> it is a bucket list thing. >> you must do that. >> and big si r1 of the highlight. and now it is blocked. >> geez. >> it won't take that long to clear. all right, 6:16.
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>> also trying to clean up after confirmed tornado, video of the funnel cloud, look at it, family captured it while eating at a restaurant. officials say it is kind of in the back there, right past the boats, officials say mold recall homes were damaged by falling trees, during yesterday's storms. >> i think i just heard somebody say could you box the rest of this up? we're out of here. >> check, please. >> check! >> strong thunderstorms, more in mississippi for us nothing severe, just annoying because it has been raining g every day this week so far. and here we go again, some scattered showers around, chester county, montgomery, bucks, up toward the lehigh valley, few showers at the jersey shore this morning. what to expect the next couple every days, spotty showers continue for another hour or two, i think, around here. but tomorrow morning at this time there will be some heavy
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rain, and throughout the afternoon, we will get some showers and thunderstorms, as well. here we go again. temperatures are in the 50's, as you walk out the door right now. sweater weather, up there, have the umbrella if you're walking out immediately. but, again, the rain is not going to linger. the clouds probably will. with 72 degrees, today. rain, thunderstorms tomorrow. high of 70. friday we should see the sunshine come out in the afternoon, saturday, looks still to be the best day of the holiday weekend. >> chance every rain, and that's where we are right now. don't forget, to join us on the radio, all morning long, 101.1, more p.m. because we got your forecast there, as well, bob kelly? >> and that barbeque too, thomas, saturday. >> yes, saturday. >> you got your drill? >> just bring whatever you think you want to eat. >> kids excited, they can't wait. 6:18. >> what what? >> mike's house? >> the kids are coming? you. >> said bring the kids.
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so we'll drop them off, then carry and i probably, you know? i'll talk to you more about that. >> oh, you won't even be there? >> oh, we'll stop by. >> oh, this is just a babysitting thing, that's what this is? >> no uh-huh, trying to get a free babysitter. >> live look route 100, rain causing for delays this morning, kind of those on and offer kind of rains, depending where you begin and ends your trip, the benny downtown philly, hello to the shaders, route 73, wet behind the hears, then accident north on 295, right near the route 38 interchange. up there in moorestown. tractor-trailer accident, upper darby, state road paving prog, route continue today, amtrak rail project, leaving septa 20 minute delays on the wilmington regional rail line. mike and alex back over to
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you. >> would you like to see the pope withdraw? >> let's do it. >> video? okay, president trump in italy now met privately with the pope at the vatican, spoke about 30 minute, the two men have history of differing opinions, of course, on topics such as the border wall, between united state and mexico, and climate change remember the pope spoke out about the whole building, talking about, that he said building a wall is not christian. so i wonder, what those 30 minute were like? >> what they talked about? >> i wish i knew. >> but he did say he wanted to talk with him. and get to know him. the pope said before trump made his visit. i meanest's the pope. >> tear down walls, not put up walls, i think, well, paraphrasing, probably
6:21 am
shouldn't paraphrase the pope. bad idea for alter boy. reason to celebrate in the nfl. they can now celebrate again. touchdowns with a caveat. we'll explain. coming up. chris christie: addiction is a disease. it can happen to anyone. help is within reach.
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ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
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>> phillies are having a terrible month. they only have won four games in the month of may t looks like they won't get their fifth against the rockies. zach had an awful game. okay? awful. a lot of that was because of this man. charlie blackman, in the thirds, blackman hits absolute bomb. that's two run shot. he went six innings, giving up eight earned runs, the phils go onto lose eight to two. the eagles started their first day of voluntary workouts two, big names not at the nova care complex, jason peters, and fletcher cox, the workouts are voluntary, but the coaches expect you to be there. to the nml playoff, pen wins, had the three-two series lead in the third period. tied at one. mike hoffman right here with a absolute lazer. the sent tore wins two-one, taking this series to game seven, and to the nba playoffs, calves, celtics,
6:25 am
kyree irving took over in this game. hits three. right here as time expires. he had 42. the calves win, 112-99, that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> month ago people said what can we just cut to the chase? and get the warriors versus the cavaliers? come on. >> seriously. >> hey, there is a game seven, i think it is tonight in hockey. >> which is always great. >> oh? are you going to be watching? >> i might. the nfl is pooping their pant it, may end up nashville, versus ottawa. >> you mean the nhl? >> what did i say? nfl? >> because that says it right there. tomorrow night, game seven, so i'll probably watch that, nhl freaking out, nashville, canadian team. anyway, the nfl has loose ends the rules on celebrations giving players more freedom when they -- to express themselves after they score a touchdown. >> ffl commissioner roger goodel, addressed the fans
6:26 am
yesterday. he says the league wants to create more exciting game experience. players will now be able to use the ball as a prop, can celebrate on the ground if they choose, and all every those things have been banned in recent years, can't do anything sexual or offensive, still some rupees, but let the celebrations begin, babe. >> i that's great when he jumped into the salvation army - >> and people started making donations to the ciliation army. that was a good one, that was fun. >> i can you do that crotch thrust? >> that was more like, i don't know. >> no, no, the steeler was really -- >> oh, that. >> i don't know if you can do, that that's casino every sexual. >> by the way, remember, terrell owens when he pulled the sharpee out? when he was with the 49er? >> he's known for celebrations. >> look, pulls a sharpee out of the sock, signs the football. that will was a good one. but you know what? he got that from me. >> did he? >> i've been doing that for years. like if i do a good throw to
6:27 am
sue serio, i'll go oh, man that was good, or good food segmentment? >> yes. >> i'll whip this big sharpee, well, i'll wait. i'll whip this sharpee out. and, you know, sign -- >> like if a guest comes, in i might sign their back or something. what was that, chester? >> sue serio, watch this. sue, here now the weather. >> see, that's pretty good. >> oh, i got plenty of space. all right. we've got some rain still running, no, don't draw me, don't! ahh! okay, i thought that might have been fun. is this going to keep going through the holiday weekend? we'll let you know that, and what to expect of course today. coming up in just a few minute.
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>> the latest arrest that have been made. >> here we go, the fate after father now in the hands of a jury. >> hollywood mourning the loss of sir rogers moore, who played james bond.
6:31 am
>> iconic character can be traced right back here to philadelphia. and what does it have to do with birds? >> geez. >> not alfred hitchcock. >> james bond, live here, he work over at the academy of natural sciences. >> locks a lot different than roger moore. good day. >> so talking about touchdown celebrations, nfl says, came out yesterday, relaxing the rules, on touchdown celebrations, they want to make the games more exciting. >> most people on twit remember kind of into it. now, odel beckham, jr., he likes to do that. >> oh, the thriller dance. i like it. just signed a deal foreslows. >> did he? oh, my gosh. soap, he just signed a deal, with one of the largest deals in, i guess, shoe deal history. remember labron signed a deal? and everyone was talking about that one well, this one, worth $29 million. it is a five year contract, and it is now the biggest endorsement deal in nike
6:32 am
history. >> odel beckham, jr.? >> ya. >> that's the pour of football over the power of basketball. >> they said they want to be a brand icon. for the company. >> let's hope he continues to play. all right, 6:32, sue? >> i can promise you that our pal, bus stop buddy, has not spent that much for his shoes. >> rain gear, right now, mostly cloudy, few showers around this morning, and you see them here on ultimate doppler radar. scattered, widely throughout the region, and on their way out. i would say, over the next couple of hours won't be seeing any rain any more, at least it will be confined to the morning hours. what will linger, are the clouds, and we see, kind of socked in right now, with cloudy skies, 58 degrees. yesterday's high was 68. stayed on the cool side. certainly cooler than average. we will still be below average today. but, little warmer than yesterday, especially if we get little bit of sunshine in the afternoon, high temperature of 72 degrees.
6:33 am
now, the holiday weekends, getting closer and closer. we will have that forecast for you coming right up. bob kelly? >> sound good there, sue, good morning, everybody, it is 6:33, on this wednesday, hump day. got some rain rolling through chester county, so it is hit and miss, depending upon where you begin and end your trip. could be in heavy downpour, remember, wide wipers on, lights on, that's the law rolling out of the driveway, kind of just damp here on 95. we had the rain earlier through 95. but things are drying out, southbound, starting to see delays from cottman avenue into downtown, paoli thorndale line, one of the first couple of trains out the gate, running with delay, otherwise rales are okay, maple shade new jersey looking good. accident north on 295, right near route 38 causing delays, otherwise mass transit, no reported delays. >> come home, please. >> a mother's emotional plea to her daughter.
6:34 am
sadly, a daughter that will never return home. fifteen year old olivia campbell now named as a victim, of the manchester concert attack. >> manchester police have identified the suicide bomber, 22 years old. just this morning, police announce three more arrests, in connection with this attack on monday. three more arrests. lauren, what else you got? >> all right, mike, prime minister theresa may warns another attack could be imminent. so thousands of troops will be deployed into the street, as police are relieved to focus their attention on pro ticking the people. the height ends awareness happening as details about the killer emerge, learning more about the time line of terror, that unfolded on monday night inside sold-out crowd at manchester arena, around 10:30, arianna wrapping up the show with her final song, blows kiss to the audience and walks off stage. fans start pouring out of the arena, that's when authorities say a man now identified as 22 year old, salman abedi
6:35 am
detonated suicide bomb near the box office, police received hundreds of calls, chaos ensues, and people scramble to take cover and find exit. twenty-two people did not survive the horror. polish couple that trying to pick up their daughter from the show, among the dead, who shielded her knees from the blast, she died, then, there is the youngest, eight year old saffi, many called beautiful little girl. eighteen year old super fan, george even a, photo dated two years ago. fifteen year old, olivia campbell, her mother confirmed her daughter's death on facebook, and 26 year old john atkinson the only male victim so far was trying to leave the concert when he was killed. >> just heard screaming. running from the back toward the front. >> didn't know really what we were running from at the time. but i think we knew it was a bomb. >> it was an awful lot of children in the arena.
6:36 am
and, you know, a lot of them had been separate from the family members, can't imagine how people must be feeling. >> saw like a flash, like an explosion flash, and then at that point everyone running back up the stairs again panicking, screaming, shouting, crying. >> investigation is underway. yesterday police carried out controlled explosions, at the doorstep of the suspect's home during raids all around the city. forensic investigators were seen leaving that home, with evidence, they also raided another home, where the suspect's brother lived. this morning, officials believe the manchester bomber was not acting alone, and could be part of much wider network. which escalates fears that an active terror cell still out on the loose. mike and alex. >> terror level, critical, wow. all right, lauren, 6:36 now. >> the question here in our area is did a father kill his three year olson, then dump his child's body by a creek.
6:37 am
>> well, jersey about to decide. that's the question, jurors are considering, in the trial of david creato. there is steve. steve? >> well, the last thought the prosecutor left this jury with, when she was last up for the closing yesterday, was there is no reasonable doubt, she said, really quick come back to creato's lawyer who argued nearly two hours that there are so many gaps, so little hard evidence in this case, there is plenty to raise, a lot of reasonabe doubt in the jury's mind. >> because if he's not guilty he's a victim. the guys called the founding father set this standard high for a reason. because didn't want the prosecution to have the last word. they wanted you to have the last word. in this case, last two words. not guilty. >> you should convict this dead of killing his son, because every single thing in
6:38 am
this case, every piece of evidence, point to him. he had the motive. he had the opportunity. he certainly had the means. and he's the only person in this entire earth whose life is better without brendan in it. >> you know, we often hear, after averred is in, the jury talk about the demeanor of the defendant, as they sat at the defense table. while one thing everybody notices obviously when they look at creato, the long hair, the ponytail, and that unshaven look. so, for those of you wondering why creato maybe didn't go for a more clean cut look, for this trial, this lawyer even mentioned that. and that closing yesterday, kind of almost defending it, then using it to his advantage. because depending on how you see it, or hear it, he explained that the defend that look saying in his closing he doesn't shave. he doesn't cut his hair. because he's not a phony. hoping that even that look
6:39 am
pushes the jury to think that he wouldn't hide, cover up, or be a phony about anything, including not just his grooming habits, but whether or not he murdered his own son and just dumped his body by cooper river, and we will satisfy see if that influences at least one injury or to have some reasonable doubt to at least get a hung jury out of the case if not full acquittal. alex, mike? >> that's right. only takes one. >> we'll see how long it takes, how long they'll be deliberating. >> i know, probably not going to take long. but that's -- >> never know. >> that's their opinion. >> never know thousand will go. >> 6:39. >> free at last. this local man, he was lock up for nearly a quarter century, for a crime he did not commit. >> i don't know that i would ever -- well, i would have a smile on my face the day i was out. but man, how do you prevent bitterness, thomas? >> how long will that smile last? twenty-four hours later, wait a minute, i spent 24 years in prison. we said it would happen, he was in miss on at 19, out at 43, lock up for 23 years. he saw him, his name sean thomas. once again freeman. so thomas was convicted of
6:40 am
shooting and killing domingo martin nest november of 1990. that conviction was based on testimony from questionable witnesses. in fact, there was one witness who said look he didn't do it but they never used him. thomas was actually in a juvenile detention center at the time of the murder. so it was the work of the pennsylvania innocence project that eventually convinced the philadelphia d.a.'s office to agree to reverse that conviction. amazingly, thomas says, he doesn't hold a grudge. >> if i hold a grudge, i ain't going to never grow. i'm upset? ya, but you know, time will heal all wound, that's why you got to keep fighting. you know, to the machine project, and to the day, i'm one of the innocent people that believed in me, that fought for me, fought with me. >> words to live by. thomas' legal journey not over yet. prosecutors could choose to refile charges against him in the coming weeks, that's very unlikely, as for his future,
6:41 am
alex and mike he received a culinary degree while in prison, he want to become a chef, and also engage today a woman while he was serving time. >> oh, wow. did he gotten guage in the prison or propose yesterday when he got out, do you know in. >> i think it was toward the end. i think when he realized he learned he was getting out. they had spoken for quite some time. >> perfect time. >> stop? >> can we do this? >> what? >> can you contact him? >> we have. >> see if he'll come in and be on the desk here with good day philadelphia? >> we're trying to get him for tomorrow. >> thomas, you're the best. >> he's on it. >> thank you. >> no problem. >> not only an anchor, he makes phonecalls. >> you know we announced yesterday, the 9:00 hour, roger moore had died, he played james bond seven film. so, we will remember, his legacy, we also take a look, here is the more important thing. what is the connection to philadelphia, and bird
6:42 am
watching? james bond is from philly. or he was. what's more exhilarating than playing $100,000 club with top prizes of 100 thousand dollars?
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>> good morning, everyone.
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schuylkill expressway eastbound ramp, south on the blue route there, this fellow is off to bad start for the day. probably going to take the car back to the garage. live look downtown, the vine street expressway, slow going, as you crossing town. folks trying to get into the ramps therefore 30th street station. there is the big tongue a crane -- tonka crane used to demolish the part of the schuylkill expressway closed. south on 95, we've got delays from cottman avenue, in through girard, penndot says they'll be shuffling around the lanes, and near the girard avenue interchange, sometime before friday. and there is also a disable on 95, right down near the stadium area there at broad street. keep that in mine headed to the airport. no problems by the way at philadelphia international airport. but that wouldn't be a bad idea to check with the airline corks have delays, just about now starting to get into the height of the arrival and departure, and the paoli thorndale line, delays, when will the rain come to end? sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
6:46 am
>> showers are lingering in just a few places, this morning. including, norristown. >> places along the a.c. expressway, looks like the punch has gone out of the storm. spotty showers continue for the next little while, maybe another hour or so. and then tomorrow, guess what? more rain. heavy rain in the morning. and then pop up showers, thunderstorms, throughout the afternoon, on thursday. and the morning tomorrow, we see maybe few areas, with flashflooding, and few areas, just tomorrow, we will get about an inch or so of rain. it is in the 50's, as we walk out the door this morning, sweater weather to start. seventy-two by the end of the day showers and thunderstorms
6:47 am
thursday, hope we can get everything out of the way, start friday afternoon, start your holiday weekend with some sunshine, saturday looks like the best weather day of memorial day weekends, sunday, into monday, we are watching for some showers, but it looks like we will get to 80 degrees, by memorial day thank you, serio, sue serio. >> mike, mike jerrick. >> holly, alex holley. >> well, the worlds is remembering roger moore. now, he played james -- >> sir roger moore. >> excuse me, he was knighted. he was knighted. seven times. he was a suave guy. >> you have to be suave to be james bond, you know what i mean? >> you got to be suave, un flapable. you got to be debonair, their. you have to handle your liquor, martini's, stuff like. that will he played double-zero seven. oh, let me go through some of the film. for your eyes only. >> live and let die.
6:48 am
>> roger moore. >> by the way, we haven't been properly introduced, my name is bond, james bond. >> sir rodgeer. >> look at him getting tied up with the girl. >> excuse me? >> jailed bond always gets the girl. >> in way, h he had a good long live. he had a short battle with cancer. but almost 90 years old. so had a good life. so the real james bond, did you know, he had philly roots? >> karen, was he a bird watcher? >> that's right. there was real james bond who really lived here. and the writer of those movies, books, he and -- iaian fleming found out about that guy, very british, to study birds, study of orthogg, that novel list new about the birds expert from our area, actually
6:49 am
called the name crashed bonds. fleming came across the name, oh, right name, some i had, crisp, for nearly half century into the early 80s, bond was the curator at the philadelphia ahmaddiya a -- academy. they new him as cheyenne unhappy with his new found fame. of course there were the advantage when he needed to travel, to well armed to exotic location to r his bird research and, you know, pretty impressed. >> he found getting guns easier, james bond, look at the weaponry, oh, yes, mr. bond, we understanded. >> had great life of his own, not quite as adventurous, lived in chestnut hill, died in 1989. burried in our area, lower again he had, montgomery county of corpse, so that's really need fun fact, i never new about any of those bond
6:50 am
films, our connection. >> fantastic. >> opposite every james bond from the movie, the fleming character, he was a birder. >> maybe he was a cool suave. >> here is a picture of him. we saw profile of him. here is a picture of him. i don't know. >> if you quit real hard, do you get a sean country, little receding hairline? he died in 1989. well, you know? >> it is the name,. >> maybe this there help. >> we all know your drawing skills. such an artist. >> okay? there is a gun.
6:51 am
>> see, look? looks like a hockey stick? >> you're drawing? >> he was also the goalie for the flyers. >> he literally, put a l on him? >> no, he was a winner for sure. >> that's so cool. >> he saw james bond. >> don't you like to look at birds? >> dow. >> maybe that's the trends. you're cool guy. >> i am that he close to being a secret agent. >> she's back. >> being tracked along a shore near you. just in time for this weekend. >> the kids, remember, this is when they put the tracking device on, through her back into the ocean. and she's been in florida for the winter.
6:52 am
>> we don't want to alarm you of these photos. >> that's right. >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> philadelphia's own kevin hart. >> yes, he was in town last night, in philadelphia. honored last night, for all of the contributions he's made to his hometown. boy, really giving back, you know, with computers, helping out the schools. >> he received the big time award, let's put it up in a graphic, ryan, i don't want to screw up the name. the awards at the art and business council's 32nd annual awards celebration, kevin was recognized for his philanthropic effort. kevin said winning the award proves that the arts, and creativity, can take you everywhere you want to go help you achieve big dreams, don't know why we have him saying that, but i like to channel
6:56 am
through him. we want to see his face. >> if you and i combine, we would have huge carreers, my voice, his antics. that's just typedment probably didn't like the microphone. >> look, did you see his colorful jacket. >> he's built. >> oh, he is. he works out all the time. >> yes. >> even built like a portable gym, to take with him when he travels and stuff? or when he's on the road or movie set. so he can have his full workouts. >> and he has his run with heart stuff when he goes to different cities, go on run with him, he's on it, you can telly follow him on stain gram clearly. >> friend of mine saw him yesterday. >> oh, really? >> said he is jut flown in from vaguest on a red eye. >> anything else? >> tired. >> was very tired. all right, let's get to there is four minutes before 7:00. the entire country, oh,
6:57 am
actually, the continent, the world, on edge, british authorities make more arrests overnight, and that's about, hour and a half ago, in connection with the terror attack at that concert monday. plus, what we're learning about the innocent victims, who lost their lives, we have more names, and pictures. >> not sure we're going to fit. chris christie: addiction is a disease.
6:58 am
it can happen to anyone. help is within reach. all you need to do is ask. vanessa: i was a full-blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. but i got help, and you can too. james: i just know i didn't want to feel that pain anymore. i got help. you can too. aj: most people think addicts are beyond help. when i see an addict, i see hope. chris christie: don't suffer. don't wait. call 844 reach nj or visit
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7:00 am
>> current/on edge. >> not only attack remains highly likely, but the further attack may be imminent. >> british authorities, on the hunt for accomplices in monday's deadly bombing in manchester, the security measures in place right now, as the uk raises its attack level, to critical. >> mourning the innocence, the faces of the young lives lost, many of them children, and it is an unfathomable reality for parents. how to talk to your kids about the tragedy in manchester. finally free. >> feels great to be home. >> a philadelphia man waking up out of jail for the first time after serving 24 years for a crime he did not commit. why he says he's not holding a grudge over his lost freedom. >> and no glove, no problem. >> the phillies fan


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